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Kontron MK,

a member of Kontron SI Group is a major communication solution provider in the Republic of Macedonia, and a leading system integrator for design, implementation and maintenance of solutions for digital transformation of the telecommunication, transport, public safety and energy industries.

The offices of Kontron MK are located in the city centre of Skopje.

Kontron MK

About us

We have a large portfolio of solutions for digital transformation of the telecommunication, transport, public safety and energy industries.

We are proud to be large enough to be a leader in telecommunications, yet we are small enough to quickly and efficiently adapt our solutions to the requirements of our customers and partners. We can offer solutions that are compatible with existing systems.

We believe that there can be no business success without effective communications, good relations and satisfied users. We are also well aware that market success requires a local presence. Our ambition is to grow from a company with local presence in market niches to an important player on a global scale. 

Kontron MK

What do we offer?

Our scope of activities covers sales, consulting, training, design, development, engineering, installation and provision of services for infocommunications system, integrated solutions and infrastructure projects.

We place considerable emphasis on building a solid bridge with our customers. Our company has earned a well-deserved reputation for its adaptability, short reaction times and terms of delivery. We also have a well-organised service network. Our employees and partners are highly educated and qualified, therefore they always provide professional services of the highest standards.

Kontron MK

Our products and solutions

We are proud of our

Local development centre

Our mission is production of architecture, design, development, integration and validation of software components, applications and solutions that are used in Iskratel's product portfolio and solutions. 

Kontron MK covers part of the development of Kontron SI Group for two areas:

  • telecommunications, where applications are developed that most relate to the supervision and management of network elements,
  • IoT for industrial use, where we develop a platform and applications for connecting and managing a large number of data from various devices and information systems.

Kontron MK

Our services

Kontron MK



We are looking for experienced Embeded iot developers to join our team. 


We are looking for an experienced JAVA Engineer to join our team. 


3 experienced IT professionals who want to be a part of an International team and remotely work in a friendly environment on exciting projects.


We are looking for an experienced Front-end Engineer to join our team. 


We are looking for an experienced DEV-OPS Engineer to join our team. 

Kontron SI Group


Kontron SI Group is a leading European provider of comprehensive and highly reliable solutions for a smart, safe, and connected future. With its wide portfolio of comprehensive ICT solutions for the digitalization of various industries combined with its fast and reliable support, Kontron SI Group is present in more than 50 countries worldwide. Its “customer-first approach”, development of its own products and over 1,000 employees in 10 countries, enables the group to fulfil the requirements of developing digital environments. Its solutions play an important role in developing a progressive, better-connected, sustainable, and secure society. Kontron SI Group is a trusted partner and the responsible choice as you undertake your digitalization journey.

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